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Progression of skills in Science

The Science curriculum at Our Lady’s is taught as a discreet subject, however where applicable, we strive to link areas of the strands and programmes of study to our class themes. This means pupils are attaining the important scientific knowledge which is required for their year groups but are also approaching their learning through exciting and engaging activities. We encourage our pupils to become confident and competent scientists by giving them opportunities to ask scientific questions and plan investigations to test out their ideas; gather evidence to prove or disprove a hypothesis and draw conclusions using a range of scientific vocabulary. Our aim is to ensure that through practising the processes and methods of science along with the spoken language associated with it, they will have a greater understanding of the uses and implications of science today and in the future.   We try to ensure that these skills of ‘working scientifically’ are embedded within the content of biology, chemistry and physics units and not taught as stand-alone focus so that pupils do not only receive the knowledge and conceptual understanding of the programmes of study, but are given lots of opportunity to also expand their knowledge of scientific enquiry skills.

Through the use of wider opportunities for science at our school, such as after school clubs, trips, National Science week, whole-school activities and parent/expert-led workshops, we hope to maximise our pupil’s enthusiasm and motivation for studying science now, and in the future.


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At Our Lady Queen of Peace we also like to encourage children to take the lead in promoting different subject areas. In science we have a team of 9 'Science Ambassadors' whose job it is to promote science throughout the school. These children (nominated from Years 5/6) meet regularly to put together newsletters for the school; create displays; plan science activities for Science Week and help to plan and run science afterschool clubs.

To see what we have been upto in science at OLQP, have a look at our      Twitter page @ourladyqop or on the #olqpscience.