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 Progression of Skills in Design and Technology

The Design Technology curriculum at Our Lady’s is taught by linking creative opportunities for designing and making to each classes theme. This gives pupils the chance to demonstrate their imagination, creativity and design skills to produce products for a purpose and to solve real life problems.

We encourage pupils to become confident and competent designers by ensuring that each unit which is taught focuses on the key skills of researching, designing, making and evaluating, and that their skills are built upon by testing prototypes and critiquing how well their ideas have worked. These skills run through all areas of our D.T curriculum where pupils get a chance to work with a range of materials and processes including textiles and nutrition.

Through striving to focus some of our products on the existing work of important designers and craft-workers, we also ensure that pupils feel inspired and motivated to produce high-quality products. This also enables them to see that taking risks and being innovative is how we continue to contribute to the world of culture today.