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Progression of skills in Art

At Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic Primary we value the learning and teaching of Art because:

  • Art can stimulate creativity and promote imagination. 
  • Art provides a stimulating learning environment where children’s work is celebrated. 
  • Art can give children confidence and a chance to produce something without failure, something that is personal to them.
  • Art can enrich all other areas of the curriculum by adding a practical approach to learning.

Throughout the year pupils are given ample opportunities within KS1 to develop the skills necessary to enhance their art skills. They are taught the basics of drawing, painting and sculpture, the language of Art and a range of techniques i.e. colour pattern, texture, line, shape, form and space.

As artists in KS2 the children are taught how to develop these techniques further, including their control and use of different materials. For example, they are taught how to improve their skills of drawing, painting and sculpture, using a range of materials.

Throughout the year each year group will focus on particular artists which are linked to their theme. They will find out about the life of the artist, their specific techniques and how to apply them to their own work. As artists the children record their work in sketchbooks which travel with them as they progress through the school.

Finally, as a celebration of Art in the school, every year the children participate in an Art week. All year groups produce pieces of work over a week linked to the theme specified and at the end of the week the work is showcased to parents.