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Year 4 Curriculum

During Literacy this year, pupils will develop their understanding of writing using a variety of sentence types for effect. They will gain a better understanding of the use of paragraphs and how these can be connected using adverbial openers. In punctuation work, they will consolidate knowledge of basic punctuation (., ?!) and develop an understanding of how to use hyphens and brackets effectively in their writing. Narrative will focus on adventure stories, historical settings and stories from different cultures. Poetry will develop use of figurative language through examination of haikus, kennings, couplets and different forms of poems. Non- Fiction texts will focus on explanation texts, recounts (indifferent forms), information texts and adverts. There will be an emphasis on presentation, making sure our handwriting is neat and consistently formed using cursive lettering. Pupils will be required to use a dictionary frequently when needing a spelling and any words that are spelt incorrectly, will be checked by the pupil personally.

Homework will be consolidation of the aspects taught that week and spellings.

Our pupils will develop their mathematical skills in ways that will encourage their mathematical reasoning and ability to solve problems. They will further develop their understanding in place value, multiplying and dividing numbers, including decimals, by 10, 100, 1000 and 10,000. Pupils will work with a range of fractions and find out how to identify equivalent fractions and decimals. Shape and space will consolidate work on 2D shape, especially triangles, and focus on 3D shapes and the pupils will analyse these using the correct mathematical vocabulary. Measures will include work on different types of metric measures and pupils will make choices on selecting the most appropriate unit of measure for a given object. Times table work will aim to sharpen skills focusing on both the multiplying and dividing of numbers.

Homework will consolidate and build on Numeracy topics where appropriate.

Pupils will learn in more detail about a range of Old Testament stories, in addition to New Testament material. Studies will include the liturgical seasons, as pupils find out more about the different times of the church calendar. Prayer will play a central role in our curriculum, focussing on why we pray, how we pray and some of the prayers Jesus would have prayed. We will look at the roles and responsibilities within the Church and why people choose to carry out these roles.

Within Science, pupils will study a range of units including; Circuits and Sound; Separating Solids and Liquids; Habitats; Teeth and Keeping Warm. As well as gaining new knowledge about the topics, pupils will be given the opportunity to pose their own questions to be investigated, and there will be an emphasis on drawing conclusions and evaluations from the questions posed.

In History, the pupils will learn about: The Anglo Saxons and Vikings. Within these topics the pupils will develop their research skills, note taking, a better understanding of primary and secondary sources, and how we interpret History from these. They will be able to show empathy with those living in the past as well as developing their historical enquiry.

Pupils will develop their map skills and an understanding of the world we live in. They will look at physical and human features and study an overseas country in a different continent in detail. As well as looking at a country overseas, the pupils will learn about Europe, its countries and capital cities. Pupils will develop an understanding of the water cycle and the processes involved within it.

During computing in Year 4 pupils will continue to build on skills learnt in year 3 whilst also exploring programming using Scratch, digital music creation, understanding the role of HTML in website creation, working collaboratively to build to create a wiki and data handling and presentation techniques These will be covered using a variety of packages, some of which the pupils can access from home as they are programmes from the Internet.

Physical Education
During the year, pupils will be developing their ball skills in: Tennis, Netball, Hockey and Football. They will be composing and evaluating their own dance and gymnastic sequences as well as athletics and striking and fielding. It is important that their full kit is in school every day and that they do not take it home as the timetable is constantly changing.

Pupils will have a number of opportunities to explore their artistic and design talents! Inspiration will be taken from artists and their techniques will be explored. Design projects will allow pupils to produce mixed-media work, combining drawing, painting and collage.

Within PSHE, the pupils will look closely at their relationships, keeping themselves healthy and the world of drugs.