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School Clubs


PLEASE NOTE - clubs ran by members of the school staff are on a 'first come, first served' basis. details of where to hand in after school club interest letters will always be shown on the letter.

Some of our clubs are run by external companies and each individual letter will outline response details, costings and dates.

 Day Lunchtime                                    After School                                                          



 AJB Reception Lunchtime club

AJB Year 5 Lunchtime club

 AJB KS1 Multiskill Club 



   AJB KS2 Multiskill Club 



                                                                                                                                    AJB Year 2 Lunch time club
AJB Year 6 Lunch time club




AJB Football (4, 5, 6) 



   AJB Netball (4, 5, 6